MANE Consultancy

Talent Acquisition Consultancy | Sales Consultancy

Mane Consultancy helps business leaders fine tune their already successful businesses. We enable you to refocus on what will impact your business in the most efficient way and in a timely manner. Our consultants are big four experienced and utilised a variety of consultancy methodology that has long lasting and meaningful results. We focus on Talent Acquisition Consultancy and Sales Consultancy as they are the areas where we have the most real world experience.

Our aim is for our bespoke processes and practices to have an immediate impact to your business when applied. Your progress will be monitored across a determined period of time building a long lasting and trusting partnership.

Growth and Efficiency

Our clients tend to have a recurring theme when it comes to their goals. Creating or managing growth, and becoming efficient or limited inefficiency are the two most common. As a result we focus our plans around these two outcomes.


We do this in a number of ways. We have a wide variety of organisations across many unique and interesting industries which we have benchmarked best practice in a assortment of departments and business challenges. Our methodology allows us to see what we can learn and apply to your business for impactful results.

Consulting for Capability

We design bespoke solutions across your organisations strategy, processes, technology and people. However we do this by building it within a framework that your organisation is capable to execute in its current form. We are mindful of this as all organisations are different, with unique challenges. A one size fits all approach we find ineffectual and too simplistic for most businesses.


Most businesses know where they want to go, and often have some idea on how to get there. A shared difficulty across many business is ‘how do we know when we have got there?’. Mane Consulting works with your business and your leaders to implement the best possible metrics in their simplest form to track your success and to achieve ROI on any given project.

Who we have helped

August 2018 – 8 partner Sydney CBD Accounting firm

Mane Consulting were hired to assist with creating a more sales focused approach of this 60 strong boutique accounting firm. Our consultation process was a top down approach of working with key partners within the business to identify best practice and implement across the firm.A key finding of the consultation process was understanding the success of cross-selling between departments.The result of the bespoke implantation led by the organisations partners has shown a significant return on bottom line results and client wins in new departments as we head into the new year.

October 2018 – Multinational Financial Services firm

Our international client had identified inefficiencies when it came to their internal hiring process due to a high level of headcount growth over the last calendar year. Mane Consulting were engaged to review their current process, including costs (time and financial), results, approach to market and candidate engagement.Our fresh eyes and experience in this field has resulted in our client improving their direct hire ratio and agency spend in this area. It has also allowed our client to make this a key business principle going into 2017 with the whole organisation being involved in the attraction, selection and onboarding of the best talent available.