About MANE

Our Purpose

Mane Consulting was born one evening in 2016. The founding members discussed their frustrations with the industry they love and how they could build a business better equipped to the needs and wants of their stakeholders. They decided on three key principles that they would base their new business on.

  • Pride

    Always to have pride in what we do and who we work for. This also includes providing the same sense of pride to all of our employees, clients and candidates when they work for or with our business. We achieve this by making decisions big and small that are ethically sound for our stakeholders, not focused on the short term but allowing Mane Consulting to grow a reputation that is sustainable and long lasting.

  • Maturity

    Provide a true specialised service to our clients and candidates. Not specialised because we say we are for marketing purposes, but specialised because our clients and candidates know we are. All of our consultants will be experienced professionals from within the industry they offer services in. Having this approach allows our clients and candidates to know they are speaking to true experts who are passionate about their industry.

  • Modesty

    Mane Consulting will not take our reputation or any success that comes for granted. Whilst we will take pride in our work and celebrate our achievements we will remain humble and work hard every day to maintain and improve our standards.

  • What's in a 'Mane'

    Based on these three key principles the name of Mane was chosen. A lion’s mane is an image which resonates the themes of pride, maturity and modesty.