MANE Advantages to Candidates

Reputation | Experience | Local Touch | Global Reach | We Understand

  • Reputation

    We have worked hard over the years to create a reputation within the industry that allows us to have a trusted advisor status with our clients. This means your success in your new role is important to us. We want you to be an advocate of Mane for the service you have received and the results you achieved.

  • Experience

    All of the Mane Consulting employees are experienced professionals in their field. Either having worked in your industry to a qualified level or have worked in the human resource or recruitment industry specialising in your industry for a number of years. This means you are speaking to someone who understands what you are going through and how to achieve the results you want.

  • Local Touch

    Unlike many of our competitors Mane Consulting will never outsource our candidate talent pooling and selection to an overseas shared service centre. You, our candidate, is our industry’s reason for being, why would we outsource our most important interaction to save a few cents?! At Mane your Australian based specialist consultant will liaise with you from start to finish of the process, getting to understand you and your needs without cutting corners.

  • Global Reach

    Our directors have worked in Europe, North America and Asia within the financial, accounting and insurance industries. Our network formally and informally allows us access roles across the globe. This allows us to keep you up to date with market trends and new opportunities across the world.

  • We Understand

    Behind your family and health your career is your number one priority. We get that. That’s why you need to get any big career decision right. All of the Mane team are experienced professionals and know that any decision you make in your career needs to consider many different factors and is rarely a simple yes or no answer. We will work with you to help achieve the best outcome for you.

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